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Daniel Craig Interview - YouTube The One Casino Royale Scene That Makes Us Love Daniel ... Daniel Craig On Doing His Own James Bond Stunts  Friday ... Casino Royale - Making of Special, James Bond - YouTube casino royale : daniel craig interview - YouTube Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - Daniel Craig interview ...

Noch gut einen Monat, dann gelangt mit Spectre das nunmehr insgesamt 24. James-Bond-Abenteuer in die Kinos. Für Daniel Craig wird es nach Casino.. Daniel Craig would like a beer. A cigarette, too. Not, he says, that he's back on the fags full-time, but a man can cut himself some slack now and then. Daniel Craig workout: the actual routine he did to become James Bond in Casino Royale, as revealed by his personal trainer, Simon Waterson. Fashion ... In "Casino Royale" übernahm zum ersten Mal Daniel Craig die Rolle des 007 – und bekam gleich zwei Bond-Girls an seine Seite gestellt. Mittlerweile sind beide um 14 Jahre gealtert, aber nicht zu ... CASINO ROYALE director Martin Campbell has revealed his doubts over Daniel Craig’s James Bond casting, admitting he didn’t think the No Time To Die star was handsome enough to play 007. This One Watch Is So Precious, Daniel Craig Never Even Wears It. The man behind James Bond shows off a few of his prized timepieces. Moti Ankari. March 13, 2017, 1:15 PM EDT This One Watch Is So ... A half-day shoot. The director, Martin Campbell—who shot GoldenEye in 1995 and went on to make Casino Royale—asked Craig to walk over to a fruit bowl and toss a grape into his mouth. Craig ... Even as far along as the Casino Royale premiere in 2006, Craig was feeling the nerves. At the beginning, of the film, the audience started to laugh and in his seat Craig started to panic. “I ... Mit der Rolle des James Bond fing alles an, seitdem ist Daniel Craig ein internationaler Star auf der Leinwand. 13 Dinge, die Sie über Craig wissen müssen... Daniel Craig’s tenure as MI6’s most famous agent began with the triumphant Casino Royale, faltered a little with Quantum of Solace and looks set to exceed even the highest expectations with ...

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Daniel Craig Interview - YouTube

Casino Royale Special - This is a behind the scenes look at the making of the 21st James Bond film, Casino Royale. Contains interviews with Daniel Craig, Eva... Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - This chat show features an interview with Daniel Craig. Talks about him playing James Bond OO7 in Casino Royale, the still ... Jonesy and Amanda sit down with Daniel Craig and discuss Quantum of Solace Jonathan is joined in the studio by Daniel Craig and talks about his stunt work for Casino Royale & why it was important to do them himself. ORIGINAL BROADCA... From its stark black-and-white opening to its bloody cliffhanger ending, Casino Royale makes a statement: This isn't the James Bond you remember. No punny on... #jamesbond #007 #danielcraig