Jamie Casino’s Two-Minute Super Bowl Law Thingy Above ...

Jamie Casino Super Bowl ad.

I know we all thought it,was crazy, but it also made Buzzfeed!
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Jamie Casino 2015 Super Bowl Ad

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Jamie Casino 2015 Super Bowl Ad • /r/LawFirmMarketing

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Saul Goodman + Raylan Givens = Jamie Casino. Possibly the greatest Super Bowl ad ever.

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Personal injury lawyer bought the entire two-minute block of local advertising and aired this masterpiece.

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[Table] I am a senior VIP host in Las Vegas. I get paid to party with celebrities and athletes and do what it takes to make sure they have a good time. AMA

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I recently heard about a crazy birthday party for some Chinese billionaire and a bunch of celebs were there (Robert De Niro, Tobey Maguire, Jamie Foxx, Benicio Del Toro, Zack Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Britney Spears, Pharrell Williams, Busta Rhymes, Leonardo DiCaprio, Olympic medalist Michael Phelps, Korean pop-sensation PSY, Ludacris, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and more) and there were fireworks and the works...were you there??? How the hell did this billionaire get those people to come?? No i wasnt there it was at TAO nightclub not sure if they were all there at same time but could of been! I know a lot were there! And that guy is always in vegas and when he comes to the club he buys every table in the club a bottle of patron! Hes spends hundreds of thousands everytime he is in the club
That party wasn't at TAO. Link to kroq.cbslocal.com. Yea wasnt sure what date it was prob should of asked! Hes always at tao so that where i fig it was at.
1.)How much do you get paid? 2.)How did you get into this job? 3.)Who is your favorite celebrity that you have worked with? 4.)What is your craziest story? A lot hah.
A guy offered me it 10 yrs ago.
Prob anthony anderson.
Not sure about that one ill think about it and get back to you.
Anthony Anderson is the man , I was his caddie in NY once and man is he a character . Humble and funny as hell. Great guy and funny as hell his laugh is even funny
Normally how an AMA works, is that the person actually answers questions. Im trying I got hit with alot at once! Im new to this sorry, trying to get to everyone.
Have you had sex with any of the celebs? How many of them are divas? I had sex with a porn star not sure if that counts as a celeb ?
What celebrity was the craziest? Have you done anything illegal (you don't have to say what) to please a guest? Dont want put names as far as the craziest celeb but alot of them are fun and wild! And I wouldn't say illegal, but bent the rules haha
Did you get the pig? No but i had a stripper come dressed like a pig
Nobody requested a tiger in their bathroom? Hahah not yet!
Do you have suggestions for people who don't have a lot of money who want to go to clubs? Haha yes contact me i will set you up!
Not even joking, I've got a trip coming up in May for my birthday. Set me and a ladyfriend up for some fun, what would you do? We're torn between vegas or FL (we can drive to FL) and if you're serious about getting us in to some cool shit I'll definitely hit you up. I like florida but its def not vegas, i can def take care of u guys! May is good time to come too all the pool party's are going off! Dm ill give u my contact info!
I'm saving this comment for when I get back home from the middle east. :D. Get home safe!
I want to cash in on this also...considering Vegas for my bachelor party, cliche maybe, but it sounds fun. Dm if u have any ? Or want me to help set it up.
Im actually going to Vegas this summer for my 21 st bday hahaha. Come visit me at chateau nightclub.
I might have to take you up on this offer for my 22nd bday in january! Sounds good come see me ill take care of you.
Who was the coolest/your most favorite celebrity or actor? Who was the biggest dick you had to work with? Thanks for the AMA! My coolest/favorite, isnt an actor but an athlete and its q carter! And dont wanna say name of the ones I dont care for! I do like there business haha.
Quinton Carter of the Broncos? That's my favorite team dude. It's good to hear that people on the Broncos are cool. Yes q from broncos i also know chris harris very well too! I have a few pic up with me and him.
Thank you for the answer! Is there any room in this role for females or is it really a male thing? There are some female hosts, but its mostly males.
What was Larry David like? Is he funny in person. Damn you for getting to meet Larry David, I love his wokr. He was a nice guy, kinda quiet.
I'm having a hard time picturing Larry David at a Vegas club. Haha he was and a lil awkward but a nice guy.
How important is bottle service in a night club? thanks for the IAMA! I think its very important, but just depends how much u want to spend.
Why is your suit so large?? Its not its tailored and expensive
I knew a guy that was a limo driver and oddly enough the most important duty he had was to know of the best drug dealers around. Does this pertain to you also? Not so much but people do ask.
Is there a celebrity that you hope you will never have to deal with ever again? Not really but when certain ones call me i know it will be a handful
I know a guy who did the same job in Atlantic City for about 8 years. His stories are goddamned ridiculous. He tells me that he's lucky to be alive, given the amount of drugs and alcohol he's ingested. Is your experience similar, and if so, how are you holding up? Ive never done drugs but can drink like a fish ahha.
How did you spend your Thanksgiving? I went to Vegas lol. I went to a good friends house and watched football!
What do you think is the most interesting night you've been through? Omit names and such if you need to, but I'd like to think you've seen some crazy shenanigans from celebrities in Vegas. Prob when i got done raging with my high end client dave, after i left his villa he called me and asked "do you like basketball" i sad yea of course, he said be ready at 8am my limo is gonna pic u up! I said ok, at 8 am a phantom RR was there to pic me up we then went to the executive terminal at the airport, flew on a g5 to LA to to watch the lakers play in thes, i sat court side aka on the wood and was sitting right next to david beckam pretty rad!
Would you say that you need a LOT of patience in your job? Or do the fun times just counterbalance the bad? Just depends on the client but the fun def out ways the bad!
Were you one of Tiger Wood's Mistresses? Haha that is funny i really just lol! Fun u say that tho cause i do know one of them! And she got paid not to speak hahah
How much money do you need to make it rain? - Frank Reynolds. No less than a 100 but i got a guy who starts with 10k
Craziest celebrity request? No celebs really request anything weird. The most common request is girls. So we have a "girl" guy who's job it is to go around he club and bring girls over to hang out with them.
Doesn't look like it's been asked, so sorry if it has. Do you ever get sick or tired of your job? I think most people just get sick of doing the same thing over and over for work, and they probably think if they did something cool for ever, it would be fine. I'm wondering what you're opinion on that is. Do you get sick of pandering to celebrities? do you get sick of having to spend nearly every night out in noisy places? you say you've been going for 10 years, how long do you think you can keep it up for? The only thing that im not stoked about are the nights i plan on staying home and relaxing, are the nights my phone rings and i have to go out! Other than that i love what i do
If a client asked you to just give them a good night and you make all the decisions what would you plan? Set them up with dinner prob at STK, then a nightclub CHATEAU and prob finish the night at a strip club the RHINO
I went to Vegas a few months ago. Went to galleria Friday and chateau Saturday, and I have to say chateau was freakin' awesome! Had an outside table, which was pretty amazing. Chateau alone has made me want to go back again. If I do, can I contact you to find out what else is good? Vegas is a bit expensive for trial and error, haha. And, really random, I know, but would you happen to know any good places in Hong Kong or Taiwan? Thanks, man. Im glad u liked chateau! And yes pm and ill send you my contact info! And set u up.
So i had a root canal in Vegas once on Sunday about 4 am. (after trying to deal with it till i got home). Vegas can provide anything anytime it seems. Any bizarre requests come to mind? Had a guy req a mini pig and a midget i got a midget but couldnt get a mini pig so i got a stripper to dress like a pig and come! That was a funny party to say the least.
Along with everyone else i am quite curious as to how you got this job? It sounds pretty exciting! Do you need a degree or did you work your way up? Also are there any negative aspects or is every day "the best day yet"? Yea its really hard to get and i knew a guy who was a part owner of a lounge in vegas! It was mist lounge in treasure island! Its no longer there and worked my way up from there!
So when you "provide women" what does that mean exactly? Call up all the hotties you know and say "Hey is going to be tonight, wanna come bang him and hope he marries you?" Yep! exactly!
I'm coming to Vegas Thursday, where should I go, what should I do? Does your club let anyone in? I'm ready! Yes we let anyone in as long as your in dress code! Pm ill give u my contact info and txt me when u get in ill set u up.
Do all the hos come to you or do you have to round up the hos? You say you provide women, so how do you go about doing that? I have a lot of women contacts that I can call when need be. Or we have a "girl" guy that gathers women in the club.
Do you get them drugs if they ask? Do you get like the best cocaine available? No i dont personally get them drugs but i point them in the right direction! But they usually already have it...
So when I come to vegas can you point me in the right direction? lol don't answer that. Haha of course i can thats what i do.
Nice! Gonna PM you next time I'm in vegas. If it helps, I'm friends with some celebs that go there, but I don't rely on other people for my needs :) No prob if u want pm me now and ill send u my contact info! and if u ever need help with anything let me know!! maybe just meet up and get wasted hahaha.
Cool AMA Sluggo, I am coming to Vegas for a second time for EDC, any advice on some out the norm/off the track things to do for a young >25 males/females? Best place to stay in your opinion? I rec you stay at cosmo! And contact me before you get in town ill help u set stuff up.
I'll be coming to Vegas for the first time during Christmas vacation. What are some cool bars/clubs for a Vegas newbie? My club is a cool one and cool bars are all over my fav bar is at cosmo, pm and ill send u my info so u can contact me when u get here ill set u guys up!
Most insane celebrity/athlete to party with (aside from Gary Busey)? Its actually not a celeb but one of my high end clients dave! Guy go's nuts, he will spend 10-25k on bottles and then make it rain 10-20k.
Do you work for one club or a bunch of clubs? Which one(s)? One club now but i have contracts with al lot of clubs in vegas!!
I'm going to be in Vegas Super Bowl weekend in Feb, can you hook a brother up with VIP somewhere? Yes i can my friend, superbowl weekend is a good time to come... pm me ill send u my info to contact me.
With which celebrity was it the best to hang out with? Anthony anderson! He really is a funny guy! And all my NFL guys all good peep and rage
How would you suggest my buddies and me ball on a budget next time we're in Vegas?? Haha contact me! Dm me for my info.
Besides getting paid to party, what are the perks to this job? Who was your favorite celebrity to party with? Do you feel stressed when doing this job, because everything has to be perfect? No never stressed! It always fun the perks are getting hook ups all over the city to shows dinners and accesses to any club in the city, most fun celeb def anthony anderson
Do you wear the exact same pinstriped suit, silver patterned tie, and purple watch every time you work with a celebrity? I added more pics for u guys! And at that venue we did have a set suit we had to wear!
Edit: added more pictures after I posted. Not common at all that was the only place ever! And after about a yr they changed it, so we wore our own suits! Ill put pics up of me out in my normal clothes with them too.
How much do you make? Over 100k.
How was kicking it with Gucci? I cannot even imagine... Alot of fun my fav rapper! After that night his manager got my # about 9 months later when he came into town for his bday,he called me and invited me to party with him for his bday, That night was crazy to say the least ill put pic up from his bday soon.
So... When people ask for half an oz of the finest Bolivian cocaine, do you get it for them? No i sell bottles not drugs! And anyone who wanted that much would already have a dealer and know how to get it them self hah.
If one wanted to go to Vegas with a few friends and have an excellent VIP hosted weekend...not talking JayZ style or whatever, but just something most mortals would consider an amazing once-in-a-lifetime party...how much would you budget and why? Its hard to say depends how many peep and how long you would b in town?? Lmk that and i could throw u a round about fig.
What is the coolest, most worthy-of-a-celebrity thing one can do in Vegas that's actually and unexpectedly accessible to the average joe vacationer? Depending on the time of year u come pool party's and night clubs is what i recommend
I'll be making my way to the city of Sin in the summer time, and would love to not only meet a fellow redditor but get hooked up! For my question. What are the coolest perks you get either in hotels or clubs? Comped dinners, shows, access to all clubs. Its all amazing and I am lucky.
Have you kept in touch with any of the celebrities after partying with them? Of course all of them! U gotta maintain that relationship
How tall are you? All celebrities seems to be a head taller than you ;) 5'9 hah i guess they all are
Are there nice furry walls to calm people down? Haha yes they are lol
Current nba player? Star? Yes to both
How many women contacts do you have in your computer and smartphone? Not sure exact # of just girls but i have about 5200 contacts in my phone! I dont have it grouped
Do you keep drug dealers on hand for certain celebs? Also the last picture of you with Gucci Mane is hilarious. No no need its not hard for peep to find drugs in vegas! Usually peep walking strip offering them.
WHAT STAR OF THE PORNOGRAPHIC ARTS DID YOU STICK YOUR DICK IN? Not saying names im sorry! just unprofessional
Wait half mil on a hooker? No in the club on bottles
How do you go from VIP host to someone at the executive layer? All of the VIP hosts I deal with on a regular basis haven't made it up to management. I mostly deal with multi venue restaurant and bar groups. Hard work and connections. You have to have connections to get anywhere in this city.
So someone will promote you to a fiscally demanding and management focused senior level executive position with no relevant formal education or experience whatsoever because of "connections" to customers? How does that help you define a company roadmap, or set strategic goals? Can you give me an example of some las vegas nightlife company executives who started off booking tables and arranging bottle service? I started as a jr host 10 yrs ago and earned / worked my way up!! and all exec started the same way i did... and when you can do a million + in sales every yr that makes me more than qualified
Your're a freaky looking motherfucker... There's a fucking weird head on ya. Hahaha i really just lol'd!
What's the largest amount of money you've seen someone spulrge in one night> Prob 150,000 that ive seen but my boy that is a host had a guy spend half a million i wasnt there for that but saw the pics, and that is insane to me
Is Gucci Mane intimidating or is he really a chill guy Not really intimidating nut quite around peep he doesnt know! Ive hung out with him a few times soo hes cool around me! Hes drink of choice patron shots!
Everyone is saying your AMA is lacking because basically you're supposed to answer most of the questions. When they ask questions and you say you can't answer. Everyone loses interest and loses. Anyways, you probably have an awesome job and I wish I did something like this. I have replied to everyone! Sorry it takes me some time to get there! U can see for yourself...
What would you say is your biggest asset (I mean in terms of skills/charactecharisma) in helping you perform in your job. What do you feel you do well that sets you appart from any average Joe who thinks they can be a VIP host... Prob everything ive been through in life, seen a lot and been through a lot, and biggest asset is being able to talk to anyone! I like meeting new people so thats def in my favor.
You def have no clue what your talking about!! i just got an offer as a managing partner of a new club that is about to open! and at anytime i could be a casino host if i wanted!! Its a lot dif in Vegas!!
Your pics are from 1 event. I don't believe you are who you say you are. Not 1 event but 1 club i worked there for a long time! Sorry u dont believe me!
I added more pics as proof.
Sorry bro cuz i b h8tn on u bro. Haha its ok i added more pics.
U suck at ama. Why is that? Im new to it maybe u can help me.
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JAMIE CASINO PRE-SUPERBOWL PROMO (15sec) Jamie Casino Super Bowl Commercials - YouTube Jamie Casino 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial Casinos Law ... ADAM REPOSA wipes the floor with Jamie Casino's stupid 2 minute Super Bowl commercial Jamie Casino: Lawyer's Epic Super Bowl Ad  What's ...

During Sunday's Super Bowl, Georgia attorney Jamie Casino showcased an action-packed local commercial that blasted the police department in Savannah, Ga., for the handling of his brother’s ... You Probably Missed the Most Insanely Epic Super Bowl Ad Last Night. By Josh Voorhees. Feb 03, 2014 11:15 AM. Tweet; Share; Comment; As a group, last night’s Super Bowl commercials “presented ... Events from Casino's real life inspired the plot, but if the theatrics and hamminess didn't make it obvious, the ad is only based on a true story. After a quote from the Bible's Proverbs sets the ... Jamie Casino and The Super Bowl Ad: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should. By Max Kennerly, Esq. on February 4, 2014. Posted in Uncategorized. Soon after the Super Bowl concluded, I received an email from a college classmate, addressed to me and another attorney from our class: “Did you guys see this Super Bowl ad that ran only in Georgia last night? As attorneys, perhaps it speaks ... Jamie Casino’s Two-Minute Super Bowl Law Thingy Did you see this lawyer awesomeness during the Super Bowl? By Elie Mystal. Feb 3, 2014 at 11:58 AM Shares 0. Here was the ominous message that my ... Jamie Casino Super Bowl Ad casino, and bingo. To prevent fraud and to Jamie Casino Super Bowl Ad protect the real money gamblers in the UK, the Gambling Commission was established in 2005. This commission is the sole body able to issue licenses to real money online gambling websites. While this makes it quite restrictive, once a license is Personal injury lawyer Jamie Casino has always had a flair for the dramatic in his ubiquitous TV commercials, but a flashy 2-minute Super Bowl ad underscored by thundering heavy metal music, a ... Jamie Casino Super Bowl Ad: Lawyer Smashes Grave With Flaming Sledgehammer... Of Justice? A Georgia personal injury lawyer apparently bought up the whole local advertising block during the Super Bowl to present his firm as a revenge story. Let's follow the storyline of lawyer Jamie Casino's epic tale, as told in this YouTube video of the ad: He was a -- dare we say "mild-mannered" -- criminal ... You Must Watch This Georgia Lawyer's Crazy Super Bowl Ad - Decatur-Avondale Estates, GA - Jamie Casino and his sledgehammer are back after a local ad from the 2014 Super Bowl went viral for being ... Jamie Casino, a personal injury attorney in Savannah, Ga., created what may be the most insane Super Bowel commercial ever made, which aired during a full 2-minute segment at halftime on local FOX ...

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Jamie Casino; Videos; Playlists; Community; Channels; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows ... Jamie Casino - Super Bowl Commercial - Casino's Law - The story of one Savannah, Georgia lawyer who wanted to avenge the cover-up of his brother's death. Jamie Casino made an ad for the Super Bowl to finally set... 2015 Jamie Casino - 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial - Casino's Law - Duration: 3:29. Jamie Casino 68,431 views. 3:29. Top 10 NBA Celebrity Reactions - The Starters - Duration: 4:05. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 2014 Jamie Casino - 2 Minute Super Bowl Commercial - Casino's Law - Duration: 2:01. Jamie Casino 5,870,522 views. 2:01. Celebrity Jeopardy! Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds - SNL ...